I am a wife, mother, and grandmother that is just crazy about gemstones! I have always been a pirate at heart, looking for that hidden treasure. My passion for stones started with fossils. My sister and I would load up our kids and head to the river in Texas, since it was practically in our back yard. It was common to see us out there from sun rise until it was too dark to see. There are over 20 yrs of stories about being stranded, injuries, dangerous wildlife, getting stuck in the mud, becoming lost, and storms. Despite this, the adrenaline rush from finding a piece of history that had been formed in our earth millions of years ago kept us heading back every chance we got!
When we moved to Florida I became a beach comber, still looking for treasure and pieces of history. I feel so blessed to live on the gorgeous emerald coast, with its snow-white sand and turquoise water. My children are now grown and having babies of their own. I think getting to be a grandmother is God’s reward for getting older. My cup runneth over with happiness, love, and laughter. My wonderful husband is my best friend and biggest supporter through everything I do. He always reminds me to take my time and have fun with my art. He makes me laugh when he praises everything I create as if it were a miracle!! Ha-Ha. One day my almost-perfect husband forgot date night. In order to get out of the “dog house”, he surprised me with a trip to my first gem mine. I had no idea what to expect, but on the way there we drove right through the end of a huge and beautiful rainbow. I took it as a lucky omen, and I was right!


My trip to Gold n Gem mine ( http://www.goldngemgrubbinstore.com/ ) was the most exciting treasure hunt of all! I had never seen a gemstone in the rough. Trust me, the gems in the jewelry store look nothing like the muddy rocks laying in the bottom of my sifting pan. I didn’t know what they were, but I thought I had a bucket of somethings! Too excited to take breaks, eat, or even look up, I stayed in that river until I could barely move. This gem mine provides help going through your stones when you’re done. Turns out I had more gemstones in my bucket than rocks! I remember soaking my aching muscles in the hotel bathtub that night with all my emeralds, rubies, and many other gemstones displayed on the tub edge surrounding me. I felt like I was in King Tut’s treasure room! I was in heaven! These natural beauties stole my heart like nothing I had ever seen from any jewelry store. I was hooked. I left one of my rubies there to be made into a pendant, because it’s my birthstone. It turned out breathtakingly beautiful and is my favorite piece of jewelry. This trip changed my life. My husband and I joined my local gem club. I read every newsletter, magazine, and blog that comes my way about mines, gemstones, and fashion trends. I found GIA (Gemological Institute of America) classes and I took them one right after another. I now have certificates and diplomas from GIA for all of the following: Colored Gemstones, Jewelry Essentials, Diamond Essentials, and Pearls. I am now an Accredited Jewelry Professional and, I’m not done yet…there is more to come.

Coming from a long line of creative family members, it seems only natural that I combine my love of gemstones with jewelry. It seems like, since I was a little girl, I have always had at least 6 different craft projects going. However, these days, it’s jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry. The gemstone itself inspires me the most. I dream most of my ideas, then figure out a way to transform the sometimes outrageous visions into comfortable and wearable art. No one has ever accused me of being normal or my creations of being simple. My main goal is to offer you these beautiful and genuine gemstones at an affordable cost. I have learned over the years to tone my ideas down and make simple designs as well. Another of my goals is to be able to present these wonderful treasures to you in a range of design styles, from the basic office strand to the fanciful creations from my wildest dreams.

Consistently throughout history, and still today, gemstones have been thought to have different powers that affect the wearer. I will share some of these myths and legends with you because I find them fascinating and I hope you do too! You will see a lot of Opaque gems from me. I share Cleopatra’s view on these, because they are also my favorite. I once read that she thought opaque gemstones were the most powerful. Some of these legends are hard to believe, such as warriors embedding certain stones under their skin for protection. However, since gemstones are minerals and minerals affect organic material (us), then maybe, just maybe, there actually is something to these legends. My information on this matter comes from a large amount of resources and is meant for your entertainment. Therefore, one should always seek medical attention if there is a need of physical or mental healing.