Apatite Cameo Madonna pendant. Sterling silver (Large)


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Product Description

For grandmothers to granddaughters the cameo has historically been the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life. Although cameos date back to the third Century Greece and later Rome, they saw a revival in the 18th and 19th century’s in France and England. Cameos carved in shell instead of the classic hardstone or glass became popular during the reissuance era. Each hand carved cameo in my pendant necklace collection was handpicked by me for their beautiful natural iridescence and sentimental carvings. If you’re looking for an heirloom gift the cameo is my top choice.

This gorgeous (Natural) black lip shell is the mother of the Rare Exotic saltwater Black Tahitian Pearl! This shell is so breathtaking; it was once coveted more than the pearl they produce. This Highly Iridescent Treasure hosts a rainbow of colors including saturated greens, pale pinks with rose overtones, shimmering silver to gray, brown and black. Making it the perfect accessories to any outfit..

Apatite is known to be a powerful gem. It’s said that even wearing a small piece will aid in dieting by reducing your appetite and repel negativity. Apatite promotes self confidence and acceptance, by allowing you to see and accept the truth in yourself, and your situation.

Apatite is a mineral found in teeth and bones, but rarely in gem quality gemstone form. The natural bright tropical color these gemstones complement the aray of pastels refeleted in this exotic black lip shell cameo.

Your heirloom quality cameo is handwrapped is a sterling silver “Love” frame.

Total pendant size is 2 1/2 inches,sold as a pendant, no chain included.  Your cameo will arrive in a beautiful gift box.


If you have a special request for your cameo or its frame please contact me via email.

This lovely cameo sits in sterling silver flower pedal frame Petal frame.

Gemstones and materials

Cameo- Natural black lip shell, mother and child, 38x28mm

Apatite- Natural, faceted, rondelle, Grade B-, 4x2mm

ALL metal in this Cameo pendant is .925 sterling silver


Cleaning and care instructions- Do not use silver cleaner on your pearls, or shell cameo! Use a mild soapy cloth to gently remove any body oils etc. To brighten the silver use a polishing cloth. Silver cleaner and other chemicals, (hair spray, perfumes, pools, and yes even hot tubs,) can damage Shell, gemstones and pearls. To keep your silver looking its best, I recommend you store all silver jewelry in a anti tarnish bag.

Keeping it Real- Due to the nature of the authentic natural components used in my hand crafted artisan jewelry, each piece will be unique. Any inclusions are considered by me to add to the beauty of these natural treasures from the earth and sea.


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There are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?

Be the first to review “Apatite Cameo Madonna pendant. Sterling silver (Large)”

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