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Faceted Emeralds and Sterling Silver Necklace


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Product Description

Real Emeralds? Yes they are! 0ver100cts,
I’m proud to be able to offer you genuine, mined from the earth, Emeralds, accented with sterling silver. These hand faceted beads are each unique treasures, displaying a magnificent variety of spring-time green shades. May babies, this is your Birthstone. Emeralds are said to help improve memory and intelligence. Some cultures hold Emeralds as a symbol of Hope and Faith, bringing Love, Wisdom and Harmony. It is said that emeralds were a favorite gems of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar! Treat yourself or that special someone like a Royalty on her most special day!
Your sure to appreciate this large sterling silver easy to grip lobster clasp. length -18″


Gemstones and materials-

Emeralds (dyed/oiled), D- grade .Hand-cut faceted rondelle, 6x2mm-7x5mm . Due to their handcrafted nature, no two beads are exactly alike.
Stringing :professional quality (.925) sterling sliver cable (softest drape)
ALL metal in this necklace is .925 sterling silver.
(With the exception of a small steel spring used in the clasp for strength.)


Cleaning instructions- Use a dry soft cloth to gently remove any body oils etc. Most Emeralds are oiled, so avoid any detergent or ultrasonic cleaners. I like to treat my emerald bead jewelry to a tiny sip of extra virgin olive oil, every few yrs. Just put a small dab on a soft dry cloth and gently massage your beads. then wipe it off good . This will make your Emerald beads smile! Avoid getting it on your silver.To Brighten the silver use a polishing cloth . Silver cleaner and other chemicals ,( hair spray, perfumes, pools , and yes even hot tubs,) can damage your gemstones. To keep your silver looking its best, I recommend you store all silver jewelry in a anti tarnish bag.


Keeping it Real- Due to the nature of the authentic natural components used in my hand crafted artisan jewelry, each piece will be unique. Any inclusions are considered by me to add to the beauty of these natural treasures from the earth and sea.



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      ” Hi there! I’ve worn my jewelry EVERY DAY, and AT LEAST one person from EVERY PLACE I’ve been has commented on HOW COOL they are! Seriously! EVERY STORE OR PLACE! “


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