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Natural Amethyst Necklace with Sterling Silver Heart Chain


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Product Description

This necklace is from the Gemstones of the Heart Collection. This is an elegant collection, with all the focus on your Gemstones. They are displayed on a romantic, highly-reflective, Sterling silver, heart link chain. This collection proudly includes some of my finest genuine gemstone beads. I kept this collection simple, to allow your budget to focus on the gemstones themselves. You can also order the matching Sterling silver heart bracelet that doubles as a necklace extender. (Sold separately)

Most Amethyst gemstones are heated or dyed. It’s not only common, it’s expected. They do this to achieve the coveted purple color we all love. Or, to make the color more evenly dispersed. These hand cut, faceted, B grade, Amethyst Gemstones are NOT treated. One glimpse at the Natural intense color of these gemstones and you just know they are special! If you’re looking for February’s birthstone, these stones are uniquely exquisite!

The Greek word “amethystos” translates into “not drunken.” Carved Amethyst wine goblets were used to protect the user from getting drunk. Still today, Amethyst symbolizes sobriety. This powerful gemstone is thought to be an antidote against all addictions, from alcoholism to gambling. Throughout history, Amethyst has held an insignia of power. Often referred to as the Bishop Stone, Amethyst is highly regarded in the Christian church. Amethysts are known for bringing wisdom, tranquility, humility, sincerity, piety, and spiritual balance. Amethysts’ Regal purple color is a favorite in Royal Crown Jewel collections throughout the world.

You’re sure to appreciate this large sterling silver easy-to-grip lobster clasp. The heart links on this chain are an adequate size to make this necklace adjustable up to 18.5″. (Extender available, sold separately). Your jewelry will arrive in a beautiful gift box.

Gemstones and materials

Amethyst (natural), 10x8mm-13x9mm hand-cut faceted, teardrop, B grade


Sterling silver, Heart link chain.
ALL metal in this necklace is .925 sterling silver
(With the exception of a small steel spring used in the clasp for strength.)

Cleaning instructions

Use a mild soapy cloth to gently remove any body oils etc. To brighten the silver uses a polishing cloth. Silver cleaner and other chemicals (hair spray, perfumes, pools , and yes even hot tubs), can damage shells and gemstones. To keep your silver looking its best, I recommend you store all silver jewelry in an anti-tarnish bag. If you do use silver cleaner on your silver, I recommend that you dip a child size tooth brush in the cleaner and carefully brush the silver. Avoid getting silver cleaner on your stones. Silver cleaner chemicals work by removing the top layer of your silver. If I use silver cleaner, I do it inches away from running water and I rinse seconds after I brush on the cleaner.

Keeping it Real

Due to the nature of the authentic natural components used in my hand crafted artisan jewelry, each piece will be unique. Any inclusions are considered by me to add to the beauty of these natural treasures from the earth and sea.

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