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Paua Shell and Amethyst Necklace on a Sterling Silver Heart Chain


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Beauty that Legends are made from, *Tangaroa’s gift, the Paua Shell..
Vibrant Peacock colors seem to glow from this gorgeous natural Paua shell from New Zealand. This popular graduated fan style necklace is sure to steal your heart with this precious,highly reflective heart chain. A single genuine natural amethyst dangles from the end of this necklace. Your sure to appreciate this large easy to grip lobster clasp. Day or night, this fine quality Paua shell seems to come to life in any lighting. Adjustable length 16-18″ *Included below is my short version of New Zealand’s Legend – Tangaroa’s Gift, the Paua Shell!

Gemstones and materials-
New Zealand Paua (natural), graduated fan ( 10x3mm-29x5mm )( center drop is 1″ ) backed with a solid reinforcement of resin for durability.
stringing material-professional quality (.925) sterling sliver cable (softest drape)
All metal in this necklace is .925 sterling silver.
(With the exception of a small steel spring used in the clasp for strength.)

Cleaning instructions-
Use a mild soapy cloth to gently remove any body oils etc. To Brighten the silver use a polishing cloth . Silver cleaner and other chemicals ,( hair spray, perfumes, pools , and yes even hot tubs,)can damage Shell and gemstones To keep your silver looking its best, I recommend you store all silver jewelry in a anti tarnish bag.

Keeping it Real- Due to the nature of authentic natural components used in my hand crafted artisan jewelry, each piece will be unique. Any inclusions are considered by me to add to the beauty of these natural treasures from the earth and sea.
*New Zealand’s Legend -Tangaroa’s Gift
After taking pity of a homely sea creature, Tangaroa , god of the sea, Blessed the little Paua with with this breathtakingly beautiful Shell. pulling the most magnificent colors from the Sunsets, the forests and the ocean. This caused great jealousy and the paua was attacked by the other sea creatures. Tangaroa once again intervened, strengthening the Paua’s shell with layers and layers of these vibrant colors. To hide the Paua, Tangaroa made the top coat look like a rock. Its not until Paua dies and is washed ashore that its inner beauty is revealed.


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